Assistant Programmer Syllabus 2023

The syllabus for Assistant Programmers begins by introducing the fundamental concepts of programming languages and their implementation. Students will learn about the principles of language definition structure, data types and structures, control structures and data flow, run-time consideration, and interpretative languages.

The course will cover both traditional and modern programming languages, giving students a comprehensive introduction to the principle features and overall design of each. By the end of this section, students will have a solid understanding of the key concepts in the implementation of common features of programming languages, which will be essential for the rest of the course.

The next section of the course will focus on basic data structures and algorithms. Students will learn about various data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs, and how to implement them in code. They will also learn about the time and space complexity of algorithms using asymptotic upper bounds and how to analyze it. This knowledge will be useful in designing efficient algorithms and data structures for solving complex problems.

The final section of the course will cover object-oriented programming principles and practices. Students will learn about the general-purpose, secure, object-oriented, and portable programs, and how to program stand-alone applications using Java [9][10][11][12][13]. They will learn about the fundamental techniques in the design and analysis of non-numerical algorithms and their data structures. By the end of this course, students will have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to design and implement efficient, scalable, and maintainable software systems using object-oriented programming principles and practices.

Assistant Programmer Syllabus

১. Fundamental Computer** : Number Systems and Number Conversion, 1’s/2’s complement, Classification of Memory, Classification of Software, Network Devices, Input/output Devices, Logic Gates, Computer Bus, Different operating Systems, Level of different language, Different Viruses and Malwares, Cloud computing etc.



২. Programming in C**(written) : এখানে সাধারণত Basic C programming থেকে বেশি প্রশ্ন হয়। যেমন—Variable Name Structure, Data type, Statements, Control Structures, Arrays, Character/Strings**, functions, Relational operator, Switch, Different Looping, finding out programming problem’s output, Recursion** and factorial related programming, Some C programming problem( Highest value, sorting, recursion factorial, palindrome number, series problem etc).

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৩. OOP*(written):  Features of OOP (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction Encapsulation,  Overloading and Overriding, throw and throws using Exception handling), I. Jar ii. JRE iii. WAR iv. JDK. Some output problems of OOP using java… 

৪. Data communication and Computer Networking**(written) : আইটির এই অংশ থেকে সাধারণত বেশ কিছু প্রশ্ন থাকে, যেমন—Data transmission mode, OSI layer model & TCP/IP layer model, NRZ, NRZI, Bandwidth and bit rate, Modulation techniques, Multiplexing techniques, Classification of Computer Networks, Topologies, Network layer Protocols, IP address and Classification of IP address, Sub-netting, Subnet mask, MAC address, IPv4/IPv6, IP Protocols, Routing Protocols, TCP and UDP, Different protocol port number, Public/private Key encryption, DHCP, SMTP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, Email , বিভিন্ন নাম্বার সিস্টেম এবং এদের কনভার্সন ইত্যাদি থেকেই সাধারণত প্রশ্ন হয়।

(Data Communications and Networking – Forouzan book)

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৫. Data structure & Algorithm**(written) : Operations on data structure, Array and Linked List**, Searching( Linear and Binary Search), Sorting(Selection, Insertion***, Bubble, Marge***, Quick***, Radix (Code, flowchart**, complexity***)), LIFO, FIFO, Stack, Queue, priority queue, prefix and postfix***, Binary tree traversal, Graph(BFS**,DFS**), Max and Heap-flow problems, Expression Parsing.

Divide and Conquer***, Dynamic programming***, Greedy Method, Example: prims algorithm, Kruskal algorithm, Dijkstra Algorithm, Floyd–Warshall Algorithm, Bellman-Ford algorithm

Time Complexity of algorithm এলগরিমের ধরন, কোনটা কখন ব্যাবহার করা হয়, এগুলার টাইম আর স্পেস কম্পলেক্সিটিগুলো (ওরস্ট,এভারেজ,বেস্ট)ইত্যাদি থেকেই প্রশ্ন হয় সাধারণত।

(data structures fundamentals – Rafiqul Islam)

৬. Database Management System**(written) : DDL/DML, Data model-ER model, ACID property, key constraints, Selection and join Operation, Mapping, SQL Aggregate functions, Different SQL command, Normalization , indexing, file vs database, Data model,DBMS Deadlock, RAID, integrity rules, Relational Algebra***,SQL Queries: All queries, join, Natural Join, Having, Group Byকোয়েরী  etc.

(Database System Concepts – korth)

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৭. Operating System* : Job and process scheduling, CPU scheduling Algorithm, Deadlock handling methods, Paging, Segmentation, Thread etc.

(Operating System Concepts – Galvin)

৮. Software Engineering* : Software Development Life Cycle, Data Flow Diagram, Waterfall Model, Iterative Model, Spiral Model, V – model, Agile Model, Types of Software Testing, black box, white box and regression testing, use cases.(এক পলক দেখে যাবেন কারন মনে থাকবে না। বিশেষ করে টেস্টিং গুলো)

৯. Microprocessor and Interfacing* : Architecture of Microprocessor, Register Addressing, 8085 Microprocessor, 8086 Microprocessor Features, Assembly/Machine language instructions etc.

১০. Digital Logic Design* : Encoder, Decoder, Register, Half/Full Adder, Flip-flop, K map ইত্যাদি।

১১. Discrete Math*(written) : Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic, Tautologies, Contradictions, Propositional Equivalences, Inverse, Converse, and Contrapositive, Quantifiers, NFA,DFA

১২. Security*: Basic Security, attack, malware, DOS, DDOS, SQL injection, sniffing, Phishing, spoofing, man in the middle, Cloud Computing

১৩. Computer Architecture** : Clout It বই

Extra : Data center component , All algorithm Complexity, Full meaning of all Network Protocol, Use case or UML Diagram, Router, Hub, Switch, Compiler vs Interpreter, Multiplexing vs Multiprocessing, Deadlock Occur and how to prevent it in database, Basic HTML component (input field)

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সিলেবাস দেখে অনেক বড় মনে হতে পারে। কিন্তু না, খাতায় লিখে পড়ার টেবিলে রাখেন। এক পলক করে করে দেখে যান। দেখবেন সব কিছুর উপর ধারণা চলে আসছে। তখন কিছু না কিছু লিখতে পারবেন। সবার জন্য শুভ কামনা। ইনশাল্লাহ সামনের মাসে অনেক কিছু নিয়ে আসবো আপনাদের জন্য। 

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