Assistant Programmer Question Solution 2023 – Part 1

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Bangladesh Bank Assistant Programmer Question

Computer Fundamental :

1. How can improve the performance of computers in memory? [Combined Bank, SO(IT) 2020]
2. Optical disk data Read/Write operation [BPSC ANE 2020]
3. Write functions of the CPU in short. [BB IT 2020]
4. What are the building blocks of a digital computer? Describe each unit briefly with their functions.
[38th BCS]
5. Differentiate between system software and application software. [MM AP 2017]
6. Explain the functions of ALU and Control Unit of a computer. [MM AP 2017]
7. “Pentium processor has a superscalar architecture.” Explain the meaning of statement. [MM AP
8. Explain how cache memory is used to increase the processing speed of computer. [MM AP 2017]
9. Write down the necessary components of a USB bus with block diagram. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
10. What is computer bus? What is the unit of measurement of speed of computer bus? Describe about various types of computer bus. (BKKB AP 2017]

Assistant Programmer Question 

11. Differentiated between cache memory and virtual memory. [BKKB AP 2017]
12. Define system software and application software with three examples of each. [BB AME 2016]
13. Suppose you are entering data into computer but facing some problem with your monitor. You need to buy a new monitor. What factor should you consider in case of monitor? [BB AME 2016]
14. Distinguish between OMR and MICR. [BB AME 2016]
15. Write the difference between RAM and ROM. [BNPS Programmer 2014]
16. Describe what works in a computer’s boot-up process. [MEBA AP 2013]
17. What’s the bit? How many bits are a terabyte? [MEBA AP 2013]
18. Enter the name and overview of the main hardware components of a computer? [MEBA AP 2013]
19. What are the main differences between software and hardware? Discuss with examples. [MF
Programmer 2013]
20. What is a computer virus? Name of the two softwares that  are used to prevent the virus. [MF Programmer 2013]
21. Write down the features of notebook computers and tablet computers. [MHPW SCO 2013]
22. Difference between ROM and RAM. What are EPROM and EEPROM? [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
assistant programmer question

Assistant Programmer Written Question

Networking :

1. Given IP address is, administrator wants to create 32 subnets, and then find out subnet mask, number of address of each subnet, first and last address of subnet 1, first and last address of subnet 32. [JBL SO(ANE) 2020]
2. Computer network কী? বিভিন্ন প্রকার Computer network সম্পর্কে আলচনা করুন। [BPSC ANE 2020]
3. Difference between Router and Modem. [SPARRSO 2020]
4. Describe different types of computer network. [SPARRSO 2020]
5. What is protocol? Describe TCP/IP protocol in computer network? [SPARRSO 2020]
6. What is firewall? How you can ensure IT security in the computer system? [SPARRSO 2020)
7. Name and draw different type of network Topologies. [BB IT 2020, BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
8. Let your computer is connected to internet through Ethernet. At some point you have found that there is no internet available in your computer. How will you identify where the problem occurs? [BB IT 2020]
9. Computer network 4 router-49 PIG P TTICI CO JA UE vi po 1[40’h BCS 2020]
10. TCP/IP protocol and UDP protocol suit আলোচনা  [40th BCS 2020]

BPSC Assistant Programmer MCQ Question

11. Define network topologies with features. [NU AP 2020]
12. RFID has huge applications in business, especially in supply chain management and toll collection system. Show the basic working principle of RFID in brief. (Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
13. Make a list of LTE Network elements. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
14. The primary function of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is to turn an unreliable network into a reliable network that is free from lost and duplicate packets. What are the functions performed by TCP to make a network more reliable? [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]
15. What is the function of ARP in TCP / IP? [Combined Bank, SO(IT) 2020]
16. Given IP address what is the subnet mask, network address, broadcast address and total usable host in this network? [NACTAR 2020]
17. What is the function of GGSN? [Combined Bank, SO (IT) 2020]
18. Figure shows synchronous TOM with a data stream for each input and one data stream for the output. The unit of data is 1bit. Find (a) the input bit duration (b) the output bit duration (c) the output bit rate and (d) the output frame rate. (JBL, SO (ANE) 2020]
19. Write short note: Node, Hub, Backbone, Router and Gateway. [BB AME 2019]
20. What is the difference between threat, vulnerability and risk? Explain SSL and TLS. [BB AME
21. What is private IP? List the class B private IP. [BTV AP 2019]
22. Find subnet mask and number of host on each subnet mask at a class B IP is [PSB
AP 2018]
23. Find Network Address, Broadcast Address, Net mask, valid host of the IP: [NESCO
AM (ICT) 2018]
24. Define cloud computing? What is the benefit of cloud computing? [BLPU AP 2018]
25. Define digital signature, digital divider and NAT. [BLPU AP 2018]

Assistant Programmer Question Paper with Answers PDF

26. Determine the Nyquist sampling rate and the Nyquist sampling interval for the signal
X(t)=sin(2100nt) [38h BCS]
27. What is modulation? Describe the pulse code modulation (PCM) technique. State the advantage
and disadvantage of PCM. [38th BCS]
28. A host IP address in a network is written as both and 3FFE:85B:IFIF:: A9:1234
[38th BCS]
29. Which one is IPv6 address? How many bits are used for IPv6 address? How does the above IPv6
address completely with the addressing scheme? [38th BCS]
30. How many subnets and hosts are to be supported by the above mentioned IPv4 address? [38th BCS]
31. Given an IP address is Find out network address, number of host and subnet
mask. [BWDB AP 2018]
32. What is OSI model? Which layers are important for data transfer and user interaction? [BWDB AP
33. What is the difference between DNS server and caches? What is the importance of DNS cache in
World Wide Web? [BWDB AP 2018]
34. Explain the component of Data Center. [ABL SO (IT) 2017]
35. Show the translation process of a NAT Box. [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]
36. How many subnets and hosts per subnet can you get from the network [BB AME
37. Write short notes on DHCP and SMTP. [BB AME 2017]
38. A block address is granted to a small organization. If one of the addresses is,
what is the first and last address of the block? [MM AP 2017]
39. Explain the terms Domains, Bandwidth, Broadcast and Multicast. [MM AP 2017]

Assistant Programmer Question Bank

40. Consider a noiseless channel with a bandwidth of 3 KHz transmitting a signal with two signal
levels. What is the maximum bit rate? [MM AP 2017]
41. What is data communication? Define Simplex, half duplex and full duplex. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
42. Discuss about ISO, OSI and TCP/IP model with figure. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
43. Briefly discus about Hub, Router, Switch, Gateway, and Bridge. [BCSCL NE 2017]
44. Given network address Divide the network address four equal subnet. Write down
each subnet address, start address, subnet mask and broadcast address. [BCSCL NE 2017]
45. What is circuit switch and packet switch? Which switch is better and why? [BCSCL NE 2017]
46. 4. Differentiate between client server network and peer-to-peer network. [PSC Lecturer 2017]
47. What is data communication? Describe about three modes of data transmission. [BKKB AP 2017]
48. What are the difference between Web server and Application server? [IBBL AD 2017]
49. Distinguish between TCP and UDP. [3 7th BCS)
50. What do we need a static private IP address and what are the advantages? [37th BCS]
51. What is Modulation and demodulation? Write down five uses? [BCSCL NE 2017]
assistant programmer question

Assistant Programmer Previous Year Question Paper

52. Differentiate between Intranet and Extranet. [BB AME 2016]
53. What is main difference between Domain and Workgroup? [BB AP 2016]
54. What is the difference between layer 2 and 3 network switch? [ICT AP 2014]
55. State the advantage and disadvantage of voice band and broadband? [ICT AP 2014]
56. What is meant by the term link in case of network? [MHFP SCO 2014]
57. Describe about twisted pair, co-axial and fiber optic cable. [BNPS Programmer 2014]
58. What is network? What is sub-netting? When and why sub-netting used? [ICT M AP 2014]
59. What is modulation? Write the necessary of modulation? [BTEB Instructor 2014]
60. Define satellite. Write down the name of five satellite orbits? [BTEB Instructor 2014]
61. What is 4G in Information Technology? What are the benefits in this Technology? (BTEB Instructor 2014]
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