Assistant Programmer Question Solution 2023 – Part 2

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Assistant Programmer Question 

C Programming Questions:

1. Linear search (Searching algorithm) which is used to find whether a given number is present in an array and if it is present then at what location it occurs. (Using any programming language).[Combined Bank, SO(IT) 2020]

2. X is an integer stream of N numbers. You have to select 2 data P and Q such that A<= (P+Q) <=B.
Write an algorithm / pseudo code/ C program how many ways you can select P & Q. The time complexity must be n log n. [Combined 4 Bank, AP 2020]
3. Write a Program to check for balanced parenthesis in an expression. (JBL, SO (ANE) 2020]
4. Formatted Input/Output Statement কাকে বলে? Key-Board থেকে কিভাবে input নেয়া যায়? %d এর অর্থ কী? [BPSC ANE 2020]
5. Recursion কী? Recursion পদ্ধতির একটি Sample C-programming 97 এরCode লিখুন[BPSC ANE 2020]
6. if……else statement এর format লিখ।১+৩+৫+৭..+n সিরিজ টির যোগফল নির্ণয়ের জন্য C language এ একটি প্রোগ্রাম লিখুন [BPSC ANE 2020]
7. What are the main objectives of structured programming? Write two advantages of structured Programming. [SPARRSO 2020]
8. Object oriented programming- 47 এর প্রেক্ষিতে  function overloading বলতেকিবুঝায়? Function-overloading এর একটি উদাহরন দিন? [40th BCS 2020]
9. Write down the difference between Compiler and Interpreter. [40th BCS 2020]
10. After compilation and execution, what will be output in the following code: [DPDC 2020]
int main() {
int i=-3, j=1, k=0, m;
m=++i || ++j && ++k;
printf(“%d,%d,%d, %d”, i, j, k, m);
return 0;

Bangladesh Bank Assistant Programmer Question

11. Difference between ++i and i++. [NU AP 2020]
12. Difference between Overloading and Overriding. [NU AP 2020]
13. Inheritance is one of important issues for any object oriented programming language. The main advantage of Inheritance is the ability to reuse the code. Explain in brief different types of Inheritance. [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]
14. An employee’s total weekly pay is calculated by multiplying the hourly wage and number of regular hours plus any overtime pays which in turn is calculated as total overtime hours multiplied by 1.5 times the hourly wage. Write a program that takes as inputs the hourly wage, total regular hours, and total overtime hours and prints an employee’s total weekly pay. (Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
15. Insertion sort is a simple sorting algorithm. Write a program to sort some given numbers using insertion sort algorithm. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
16. Write a C program: 1+2n+3n+4n+……… +n” (where n>0). [NACTAR 2020]
17. Find the error of given code [5 Bank AME 2019] 
unsigned int i; 
for (i=100; i<=0; –i)
printf(“%d”, i);
18. Difference between compiler and interpreter with example? [BCC Programmer 2019]
19. Briefly Describe Abstraction, Encapsulation. (BCC Programmer 2019]
20. Write a program in C to find the sum of following series : 12+22+32+….+n? [BCC Programmer2019]
assistant programmer question
21. What is the output of following code (BCC Programmer 2019]
void main () {
char *f [] = { “Ronaldo”, “Messi”, “Zidan”, “Maradona”}, str[20];
printf(“%s\n”, f[1] +2);
printf(“%s”, f[2] +1);

Assistant Programmer Written Question

22. A prime number is a number that is evenly divided by only me and it. Write a program to your favorite language to print the first 100 prim numbers. [BCC Programmer 2019]
23. What is CLR in .NET framework? List the components of .NET Framework. (BTV AP 2019)
24. Difference between getch() and getche (). What is file pointer in C? [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
25. How many bits have to change to convert int A to int B. Sample A=31 and B=14. [CB AP2018]
26. Write down the sudo-code that accepts I, n is integer and value as input, store all n integers in an array, called pairs and return all pairs where the summation of individuals pair=value. [BB SO(IT/ICT) 2018]
Input Output
{1,5}, {7,-1}
1 7 – 15 – 7
27. Difference between call by value and call by reference with example. [PSB AP 2018]
28. Find the output of following program. [PSB AP 2018]
i) int main() {                                    ii) int main() {
int n = 10;                                              inti = 2, j = 2;
for (;;)                                                    while(i?–i:j++)
printf(“%d”, n);                                      printf(“%d”,i);
return 0;                                                  return 0;
}                                                              }
29. Explain feature of OOP with example. [PSB Programmer 2018]
30. What is main difference Destructor and constructor with example? [PSB Programmer 2018]
31. What do you mean by Polymorphism and Inheritance in object oriented programming (OOP)?
Give appropriate example. [PBL SO 2018]
32. What is looping? Why use looping? Give a proper example. [BCPSC AP 2018
33. What is the basic difference between looping and branching? [BCPSC AP 2018]
34. Find the output of following program. [PSB Programmer 2018]
i) int main() {
for (i=0; i<5; i++)
if (i==3)
printf (“%d\n”, i);
return 0;
ii) int main() {
char str[120]= “Digital Bangladesh”;
int n;
n = strlen (str);
str[4] “10”:
printf(“%s”, str);
return 0;

BPSC Assistant Programmer MCQ Question

35. Write the difference between throw and throws using Exception handling? [PBL SO 2018]
36. Write a program where a number is Prime or not. [BLPU AP 2018]
37. Write a program to store information using structures with dynamically memory allocation. [38th BCS]
38. Why are the following two overloaded functions inherently ambiguous? (38th BCS]
int f (int a, int b=5);
int f(int &a)
39. Write a c program to verify a perfect number. Perfect number is a positive integer which is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors. [BWDB AP 2018]
40. Write a java program using 2D array and array output will be: [BWDB AP 2018]
1 2 3
1 2 3 4


41. Write simple java program to convert string into camel case and display camel case string. [BWDBAP 2018]
42. What will be the output of following program? [BWDB AP 2018]
using namespace std;
class A{
int a;
int b;
void set_a (int a) {
//set value of b
void set_b(int b) {
void getValues (int x, int y) {
set_a (x); //calling private number
set_b(x); //calling private number
void putValues() {
//printing values of private data member
cout<< “a=” << a <<” ,b=” << b <<endl;
int main() {
AobjA; //creating object
//set values to class data members
objA.getValues (100,200);
objA.putValues(); //print values
return 0;
43. Consider a base class Shape and its derived class Rectangle. Design a code inheritance code using C++.[BWDB AP 2018]
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
// Base class
class Shape
void setWidth (int w) {
width = w;
void setHeight (int h) {
height = h;
int width;
int height;
// Derived class
class Rectangle: public Shape {
public:intgetArea () {
return (width*height);
int main (void) {
Rectangle Rect;
Rect.setWidth (5);
Rect.setHeight (7);
// Print the area of the object.
cout<< “Total area: <<Rect.getArea () <<endl;
return 0;

Assistant Programmer Question Paper with Answers PDF

44. Find the output below following code. [BWDB AP 2018]
public class Test {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String s1 “testi”;
String s2 new String (“test1”);
String s3 = new String (“test1”);
System.out.println (s2==53);
s3 = s1;
System.out.println (s3==s1);
45. A program sorts an array of integer. Write down the code that tests the sorting algorithm  [written BDB SO (IT) 2017]
46. Write a program using any programming language that reads five numbers from keyboard and display the smaller, larger and average of those numbers. [BDB SO (IT) 2017]
47. Write a program to read the coordinates of the end points of a line and to find its length. Use a structured variable name ‘Line’ to store the relevant information about its end points. [MM AP 2017]
48. Write a program in C++ to calculate the sum of the series: 1+(1+2)+(1+2+3)+…+(1+2+…+n). [MM AP 2017]
49. Write а program in C with recursive function to compute the value X” where n is a positive integer
and x has real value. [MM AP 2017]

Assistant Programmer Question Bank

50. Draw a flowchart of ax2+bx+c=0 through C/C++ program. [PSC Lecturer 2017]
51. What is trigger? Write a code for auto increment sequence and trigger. [DBBL PO 2017]
52. What is the difference among String, String Buffer and String Builder? [DBBL PO 2017]
53. Write a java program based on following conditions: There is one Circle class and one Cylinder
Class. Circle class has an area function. Cylinder Class has to Circle area*height). Use inheritance to calculate Volume of Cylinder. [DBBL PO 2017]
54. Write a structured program to display Fibonacci series up to 100 Numbers. [BB AP 2016]
55. Write a C/C++ program to calculate factorial of any integer? [ICT AP 2014]
56. What is multi-tasking, multi programming, multi-threading? [JB AME 2012]

Assistant Programmer Previous Year Question Paper

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