Assistant Programmer Question Solution 2023 – Part 4

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Assistant Programmer Question 

Operating System :

1. Operating system (OS) scheduling is the key concept of multiprogramming. List and briefly define the major types of OS scheduling. (Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
2. What is page and block? Draw simple block diagram of SSD, page and block. [Combined Bank  [SO(IT) 2020]
3. Cache Memory কী ? Computer এর main memory এর সাথে এর পার্থক্যকী? [BPSC ANE 2020]
4. A, B two resources. Two processes (P1 and P2) share these resources. When a process request fora resources, if that resource is free then it will be allocated with that resources. If the resources arenot free then the process will halt. Now the scenario is: [DPDC 2020]
·         Pl request A
·         P2 request B
·         Pl request B
·         P2 request A
5. Define FCFS, SJF and RR algorithm (Quantum=20). [NU AP 2020]
6. Turnaround time of FCFS and SJF. [NU AP 2020]
7. What is the difference between micro kernel and macro kernel? What is the sub components off/on manager in Windows NT? [BB AME 2019]
8. Congestion Control ? [BPSC ANE 2020]
9. What is operating System? What are the main components of operating System? [BCC Programmer2019]
10. What is multitasking and multithreading? What are the advantage threads over process? [BCC Programmer 2019]

Bangladesh Bank Assistant Programmer Question

11. What is access time and transfer time? (BTV AP 2019]
12. What is deadlock? Describe the way of detecting and protecting deadlock. [38th BCS]
13. What are the relationship between operating system and computer hardware? [38th BCS]
14. Explain Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors in virtual machine operating system with figure. [ABL SO (IT) 2017)
15. Explain in ode data structures in Linux OS. [ABL SO (IT) 2017]
16. If main memory access time is 100ns, cache access time is 50 ns, cache hit rate is 90% then what
is the average time to read from memory? [BB AME 2017]
17. Explain the functionalities of operating system. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
18. What is the difference between preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling? [3 7th BCS]
assistant programmer question
19. What is again? What is it used in Operating system? (37th BCS]
20. How does dynamic memory allocation help in managing data? [37th BCS)
21. What is again? Why is it used in operating system? [BNPS AP 2017]
22. How does dynamic memory allocation help in managing data? (BNPS AP 2017]
23. What is the difference between RAID level 2 and RAID level 3? [ICT AP 2014]
24. A disk pack has 19 surfaces and storage area on each surface has an outer diameter of 33cm and inner diameter of 22cm. The maximum recording storage density on any track is 200 bits/cm and minimum spacing between tracks, 0.25 mm, then how to calculate the capacity of disk pack?[ICT AP 2014]
25. What is cache memory? Write a detailed explanation of the differences between primary memory and cache memory. [DIP ME 2014]

Assistant Programmer Written Question

26. What is the difference between general operating system and distributed operating system?
[MHPW SCO 2013]
27. Illustrate the differences between a computer’s operating system and an application system. [MEBAAP 2013]
28. Enter FAT and NTFS in full. Enter the main features of the Linux operating system. [MHPW SCO2013]
29. You have created a file containing 1 million characters. Suppose you want to save the file in ASCII format. How much memory space in MB in needed to store the file? [BB AME 2016]
30. What is FAT? Name of different types of File allocation system in HD. [IBBL AD 2017]

BPSC Assistant Programmer MCQ Question

Digital Electronics :

1. F= + AB͞͞C + AB͞  C + ĀBC + ABC, Simplify using K-map with logic circuit. [JBL, SO (ANE) 2020]
2. লজিক গেইটকী? মৌলিক লজিক গেইট কয়টি ও কী কী? সত্যক সারণি সহ আলোচনা করুন। [BPSC ANE 2020]
3. R-S Flip-flop সত্যক সারণিও বৈশিষ্ট্য আলোচনা করুন। [BPSC ANE 2020]
4. Simply the following function: ABCD +ĀBD +ABCD [DPDC 2020]
5. (i) (1AC) 16 = (?) and (?)10 
   (ii) What is the Excess-3 code of 1010? [DPDC 2020]
6. How will realize a AND gate and an OR gate using a CMOS NAND gate? [BB AME 2019]
7. Circuit Expression Solved by CMOS. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
8. Define logic gate. Solve this equation using AND, or and NOT gate. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
9. Draw a truth table that satisfies the above-mentioned equation. [38th BCS]
Y= AB͞  CD͞  +ABC͞+ĀBD+ AB͞  CD
10. Simplify the equation by using K-map: f(A, B, C) = ĀBC͞  +ĀBC+ ͞AB͞͞͞  C+ABC [38th BCS]
11. Draw circuit diagram for the simplified equation by using basic gates. Calculate the number of basic gates required for implementing the simplified circuit. [38th BCS]
12. Why binary logic is used for digital system? [BWDB AP 2018]
13. What is the difference between flip-flop and latch with figure? [BWDB AP 2018]
assistant programmer question
14. What is synchronous? Why sequential circuit use synchronization. [BWDB AP 2018]
15. What is the difference between latch and flip-flop? [BB AME 2017]
16. Convert (2345)10 to hexadecimal and (ABCD16 to octal number. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
17. Draw a full adder that is made of two half adder and find out the function of output of that full adder. [PSC Lecturer 2017]

Assistant Programmer Question Paper with Answers PDF

18. What is the functionality of multiplexer? Draw a 4-to-1-line multiplexer and its truth table and describe its functionality. [PSC Lecturer 2017]
19. What are Multiplexer and de-multiplexer? Name five application of multiplexer. [BCSCL NE 2017]
20. What do you mean by Truth table, characteristics table and Excitation table? [DIP ME 2014]
21. What is Unicode? What is the reason for using Unicode? [DIP ME 2014]
22. Describe the binary and hexadecimal numbering methods with numerical examples. [MF
Programmer 2013]
23. Draw J-K Flip Flop [JB AME 2012]
24. Show NAND and NOR gates are universal gates. [JB AME 2012]

Assistant Programmer Question Bank

Software Engineering :

1. Software development এর ধাপ সমূহ সম্পর্কে বর্ণনা করুন। [BPSC ANE 2020]
2. Software Engineering-এর প্রেক্ষিতে পাঁচটি ভিন্ন ভিন্ন design pattern এর নাম লিখুন।[40h BCS 2020]
3. Integration testing and Beta testing difference [40th BCS 2020]
4. Explain the main step of Software development life cycle (SDLC). [40th BCS 2020]
5. Software –এর প্রেক্ষিতে data এবং information সম্পর্কে বর্ণনা করুন।[40″ BCS 2020]
6. Testing is an activity that is performed to verify correct behavior of a program. Testing should be conducted in all the stages of program development. Describe different types of tests conducted in the implementation stage. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
7. What Difference between black box and white box testing? [PSB Programmer 2018]
8. Write the agile method components for Software development. [PBL SO 2018]
9. Define software security? Challenge of software security. [BLPU AP 2018]
10. Difference Black box and White box testing. [EPB Programmer 2018]

Assistant Programmer Preparation

11. Describe different techniques use the risk analysis of software development. [38th BCS]
12. Difference between black box and white box testing. (ICB AP 2017]
13. What is software testing and name of some testing tool? (IBBL AD 2017]
14. How to do beta testing on software testing? [DIP ME 2014]
15. What is Software Piracy? What is the difference between freeware and open source software? [MHPW SCO 2013]
16. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of open source software. [MHPW SCO 2013]
17. What do you understand by the software? Critically discuss the classification of software? [ECBAP 2012]
assistant programmer question
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