Assistant Programmer Question Answer 2023 – Part 5

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Assistant Programmer Question 

 Discrete Mathematics : 

Propositional logicওPredicate Logic উদাহরণসহ বর্ণনা করুন  [BPSC ANE 2020]

What is tautology? A statement likeAB)^A]→A was given and said to prove it is a tautology by using truth table. [BB AP 2016]

A full joint probability distribution for the Toothache, Cavity and catch world is given below.[33 BCS]

 Microprocessor :

General purpose Microprocessor-এprogram counterকী? Program counter এর ব্যাবহার লিখুন [40″ BCS2020]

Describe addressing mode of 8086 Microprocessors. [BB AME 2017]

Difference between microprocessor and micro-controller. [MM AP 2017]

What are the advantages of microcontroller over microprocessors? [ICT AP 2014]

What do you mean by 32-bit microprocessor? [MHFP SCO 2014]

What is the work of Microprocessor? What are the characteristics of a dependable Microprocessor? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

Draw the 8086 CPU (BIU and EU)? [JB AME 2012]


How many interrupts are there in 8085? Discuss. [JB AME 2012

Write a program to reverse the given string for 8086.[JB AME 2012]

What is pipelining? How does pipeline implementation make faster instruction execution? [38thBCS]

How does an interrupt can be enabled? What are the steps that occur when an interrupt is processed?[38th BCS]

Bangladesh Bank Assistant Programmer Question

Web Technology :

HTML – CSS কী ? [BPSC ANE 2020]

“”-discuss different parts of this web address. [BB IT 2020]

HTTPsকীভাবেএকটি website- এর সুরক্ষা দেয় ?ব্লক ডায়াগ্রামের মাধ্যমে উত্তর দিন I

Discuss the necessary of using application framework in web application development.[BB AME


How do you change the value of a HTML element using HTML DOM? [5 Bank AME 2019]

MVCকী?এর সুবিধা গুলো লিখুন I BPSC ANE 2020]

Write down the description of <header><footer><section><article> tag of new HTML5. [5 Bank

AME 2019]

Differentiate between .ajax(), get() and load() function of jquery with necessary example.[5 BankAME 2019]

Write down the name of HTML5 media tag.[CB AP 2018]

Suppose you’ve a javaScript code name as “bankScript” write the code for loading in HTML

using JS. [PBL SO 2018]

Assistant Programmer Written Question

What is MVC? Write down the MVC design pattern. [PBL SO 2018]

Which is the shortcut symbol of Jquery?[BCPSC AP 2018]

What is an Internet cookie? Why it is use? [BCPSC AP 2018)

What is canvas HTML? What is difference between canvas and SVG? [ICB AP 2017]

What is closure in JavaScript? Explain with an example? [ICB AP 2017]

What is the working procedure of AJAX?[ABL SO (IT) 2017]

What is local Storage and session Storage in HTML5?[ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]

What are the important steps to secure a web server? [BB AME 2017]

What is session hijacking and how to encrypt username and password in PHP? [BB AME 2017]

How many times HTML Tag is used web pages? How can your comments at web pages so that browser not read this? [BB AP 2016]

Assistant Programmer Question Paper with Answers PDF

Miscellaneous (Technology) :

‘Knowledge’কী? Human Knowledgeকে Computer এ প্রকাশ করার একটি flow diagram দেখান। [BPSC ANE 2020]

Explain terms: (i) CAD and CAL (ii) Cookies and Trojan horse[BB IT 2020]

How computer Architecture is characterized. What are the 5 stages of the DLX pipeline? [BB AME2019]

Write down different stage of data mining?[5 Bank AME 2019]

In an excel sheet cell A1, A2, A3, A4 contains the value of power generation by four plants. Write

a function in A5 to show the average of best three power plants. [NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]

What is the difference between battery and capacitor? [BB AME 2017]

Derive the Escape Velocity equation? [BCSCL NE 2017]

Define satellite. Write the name of five satellite orbits? (BCSCL NE 2017]

Define source voltage and source current. Why it is called dependent and independent source?[BCSCL NE 2017]

Draw a common emitter BJT circuit and explain. [BCSCL NE 2017]

What is image processing? Where it is uses? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

What is Multimedia? What does a video conference mean and how does it work? [DIP ME 2014]

Describe about Firewalls, Microcontroller, COCOMO, Query Optimization, Genetic algorithm and UML. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

How a-ß pruning is better than minimal search in game planning? Describe with example.(ICT Ministry AP 2017]

What is public key encryption? Explain digital signature with example. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

What is cardinality and modality? [BB AP 2016]

Assistant Programmer Question Bank

Others :

Make a list of banking software used in Bangladesh. List the essential features for successful Banking Software and Apps. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

How would you test an ATM in a banking system?[BB AME 2019]

A 3phase 12 pole alternator running at 500 rpm supplying power to an 8 pole induction motor. If ship is 3% what is the full load speed of the motor? [BB AME 2019]

How would you test an ATM in a distributed system? [5 Bank AME 2019]

Write down the use case diagram for ATM.[CB AP 2018]

If 10 people meet each other and each shakes hands only once with each of the others, how many handshakes will there be? [PBL SO 2018]

Assistant Programmer Previous Year Question Paper

Write the use cases of withdrawing money for ATMcard. [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]

Write 5 popular names of web browser and also 5 popular search engines? (BTEB Instructor 2014]

What is antivirus? Name some popular antivirus names. [DIP ME 2014]

How to Animate Microsoft PowerPoint Slides? How to add an image to a slide?[DIP ME 2014]


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