Assistant Programmer Question Solution 2023 – Part 3

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Assistant Programmer Question 

Data Structure and Algorithm :

1. Queue is an abstract data structure. A queue is open at both its ends. One end is always used to insert data (enqueue) and the other is used to remove data (dequeue). Write the steps of Enqueue Operation of Queue. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
2. There are no well-defined standards for writing algorithms. Efficiency of an algorithm depends on several factors. Similarly, complexity of an algorithm also depends of several factors. Describe the algorithm complexity factors. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
3. Explain Binary Search Tree operation. [Combined Bank, SO (IT) 2020]
4. Usually, recursion involves a function calling itself until specified condition is met and it is very useful to find out the factorial. Write a recursive algorithm to find the factorial of a number.
[Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]
5. যেকোন একটা array নাও, সেই array থেকে একটি সংখ্যার binary search করার step গুলো লিখ এবং এর time complexity কত হবে তা বের কর (DPDC 2020]
6. Write code to test a sorting algorithm of array? [5 Bank AME 2019]
7. Advantage and complexity of Marge sort, Heap sort, Insertion sort. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
8. Describe infix conversion method. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
9. A program sorts an array of integer. Write down the code that tests the sorting algorithm of written in a program. [CB AP 2018]
10. Write an algorithm to find a node in a binary search tree. [PSB AP 2018].

Bangladesh Bank Assistant Programmer Question

11. Difference between linear and nonlinear data structure. [PSB ADA 2018]
12. Write Algorithm of Fibonacci series. [PSB Programmer 2018]
13. Draw a graph to find the shortest path to transmit power. (i) Calculates the average cost. (NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]
14. Find Pre-order, in order, post order from following image. [EPB Programmer 2018]
15. A list of numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 is stored in sequence. Which of the following data structure will have the least data movement when the number 11 is removed from the list? FIFO, QUEUE, HEAP, Linked list and stack. Justify your answer. [38th BCS]
16. Explain the instructions LDS, PUSHF, TEST and CLD. [MM AP 2017]
17. What is algorithm? Write down the algorithm to find out the second highest element in an n Element array. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
18. Difference between stacks and queue with example. [PSC Lecturer 2017]
19. Calculate Complexity of merge sort. [IBBL AD 2017]
20. Write an algorithm that sort an array, also test code for sorting test. [IBBL AD 2017]

Assistant Programmer Written Question

21. Why do we use stack? Differentiate between linked list and array? (BNPS AP 2017]
22. Illustrate singly linked list, doubly linked list and circular linked list with diagram. [BNPS AP 2017]
23. Write down time complexities of different sorting algorithm. [DBBL PO 2017]
24. Explain BFS Traversal of a graph with an example. [DBBL PO 2017]
25. Find time and space complexity like below pseudo code. [BB AP 2016]
26. Write prefix and postfix notations from the statement like ((A+B)*C-(D-E)^F) [BB AP 2016]
27. What data structure? Give the example of linear data structure. [BNPS Programmer 2014]
28. Differentiate between array and linked list. (BNPS Programmer 2014]
29. What is binary search tree? Draw a BST using following data: 18, 22, 7, 23, 25 and 37. [BNPS
Programmer 2014]
assistant programmer question
30. What is flowchart? Draw a flowchart to finding out biggest number between two numbers. [BNPS Programmer 2014]
31. Write an algorithm for multiplication two matrixes? [BTEB Instructor 2014]
32. Using 8, 10, 26, 2, 78, 102, 115 data make a binary search tree. [DIP ME 2014]
33. How to work Bubble Short? Shorting this data using Bubble short:(68, 27, 56, 13, 87, 42, 66)
[MHPW SCO 2013]
34. What is Data structure? Difference between stack and queue? [MHPW SCO 2013]
35. Show the various passes of bubble sort on an unsorted list 5,2,1,4,3,7,6 [JB AME 2012]
36. Write an algorithm to inserting into a Linear Array. [JB AME 2012]

BPSC Assistant Programmer MCQ Question

Database Management system :

1. A transaction consists of a sequence of query and/or update statements. SQL statement must be required to end the transaction. List the SQL statements, required to end the transaction and also write their functions. [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]
2. Main components of SQL are DDL (Data definition Language). DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DCL (Data Control Language). Give some examples of DDL, DML and DCL commands. [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]
3. DBMS কী? একটি database কে normalize করার পদ্ধতি গুলো বর্ণনা করুন। [BPSC ANE 2020]
4. What is database? What are uses of database in office administration? [BB IT 2020]
5. DBMS বলতে কী বুঝানো হয় ?DBMS শ্রেণিবিন্যাস বর্ণনা করুন।[40th BCS 2020)
6. Write down the difference between Authentication and Authorization. [40th BCS 2020]
7. Given a database schema and worker table with fully code: Now writes SQL Query from theেfollowing questions. [DPDC 2020]
(i) Write a query to get distinct name
(ii) Write a query to get the first three letter of first_name column from worker table.
8. Write down Integrity rules in database. [NU AP 2020]
9. Write down SQL Query: (a) commission greater than 10% (b) Remove duplicate data from table. [NU AP 2020]
10. Database Query: Given two table COURSE (Course_ID, Course_name, Chief_ID) and INSTRUCTOR (Instructor ID, Course_ID, Salary, Joining_date). Write down database query Average salary for different courses. [NACTAR 2020]

Assistant Programmer Question Paper with Answers PDF

11. Explain the concept distributed DBMS. What are the features of DBMS? [BB AME 2019]
12. Design a database of student with the gpa of a university. Find the top 10% gpa holder from the different department of the university. [5 Bank AME 2019]
13. What is the difference between primary key and candidate key? Explain the foreign key with an example. [BCC Programmer 2019]
14. What is SQL injection? How many ways to prevent it? [BTV AP 2019]
15. What is normalization? Explain composite key with example. [BTV AP 2019]
16. What in inner join? Explain with syntax and example. [BTV AP 2019]
17. Describe Database ACID properties. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]
18. Difference between primary key, foreign key and candidate key. [CB AP 2018]
19. Write a query to select top 10% row from grade table. [CB AP 2018]
20. Define weak Entity? What are the difference between primary key and super key? [PSB
Programmer 2018]

Assistant Programmer Question Bank

21. Suppose you’ve “X-Bank Account, and there are three statement (Real State, Bank Account, Insurance) and bank account have another two Insurance (Saving, Current), Now how can you do increase real estate? Draw the UML Design. [PBL SO 2018]
22. Suppose you’ve a method name “total Amount” and there three properties (transaction Name, transaction Type, amount). Write down the full code using JAVA where total Amount method return total balance after debit or credited. [PBL SO 2018]
23. Suppose you’ve two table(Employee, Department) in a Database and Employee table three cell
(emp_name, dept_id, salary) also Department table two cell (dept_id, dept_name), now update the salary 10% increase value from Department table. Give the appropriate example. [PBL SO 2018]
24. Difference between Super Key and UNIQUE constraint key? [PBL SO 2018]
25. Write an SQL query to insert a tuple in the table: Employee (ID, Name, Designation, and Salary). [NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]
26. What is the SQL command used to fetch first 3 characters name from employees? [BCPSC AP 2018]
27. Describe Database Schema and data directory with example. [EPB Programmer 2018]
28. What is database security? Describe different approaches to ensure database security. [38th BCS]
29. What is the SQL query for showing only the duplicate lists in student (id, name, gpa) table? [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]
30. What is database? What is DBMS? Write the full meaning of DDL and DML. [BKKB AP 2017]
assistant programmer question

Assistant Programmer Previous Year Question Paper

31. Given two tables are employee (id, name, salary, dept_id) and department (dept_id, dept name),
Write a SQL to find MAX salary and AVERAGE Salary for Specific department. [DBBL PO 2017]
32. Define ‘integrity rules’ of database systems. Write a SQL query to get the second highest salary from Employee table. [BB AP 2016]
33. What is database? State the RDBMS with example? [ICT AP 2014]
34. Explain the one to many relationships with E-R diagram? [ICT AP 2014]
35. Draw an E-R diagram of hotel management. [BNPS Programmer 2014]
36. What is a database? Discuss the importance of database. [MF Programmer 2013]
37. What do you mean by atomicity and aggregation? [JB AME 2012]
38. What is Data warehouse? Why We Need Data Warehouse? Advantages & Disadvantages of Data warehouse. (CB AP 2018)
39. Explain data warehouse with figure. Describe fact table & dimension table with example. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]
40. Compare between TPS and DSS. [BB SO (IT/ICT) 2018]
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